Julia Gorton

By Julia Gorton




192 page, 10” x 10”, black + white, soft cover

With a synthesis of imagery, metaphor and feeling, in a space located between attraction and angst, Julia Gorton's photos of New York's No Wave scene, 1976-1980, capture a fleeting time with unique style. 192 pages and 170 photos.

Her beautiful vision of downtown Manhattan, in the moments before AIDS, crack, Disney and condos changed everything forever, focus on subjects including musicians and friends; Debbie Harry, Patti Smith, Tom Verlaine, David Byrne, Lydia Lunch, Iggy Pop, James Chance, Richard Hell, Anya Phillips and many others less well known, but certainly just as memorable.  Gorton's photographs taken at her Lower East Side apartment, in all night diners and illegal after-hours clubs, on totally empty streets, and in the dingy pits and clubs in which music was played, makes one remember what joy we all took in wasting our youths. (Byron Coley)

With essays and contributions from: Lydia Lunch, Lucy Sante, Thurston Moore, Philip Dray, Kristian Hoffman, Bill Arning, Perry Brandston, Rick Brown, Nicholas Dembling, Simeon Gallu, Angela Jaeger, Hilary Jaeger, Arto Lindsay, Michael McMahon, Chris Nelson, Klara Palatoi, Jim Posner, Linda Ramone, Amy Rigby, Andy Schwarz, Robert Seitsema, Michael Shore, Chris Stamey, Margaret Winslow

PRINTED ON FSC-CERTIFIED MIXED PAPER (at least 70 percent of the wood comes from FSC-certified or recycled material; while 30 percent is made of controlled wood)

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