GagBags 12" (Limited Edition Pink Cover)


GagBags Debut 12" (Limited Edition Pink Cover)
Black Vinyl 

GagBags are a London/New York project made from the twisted minds of members of the Gaggers and Trash Bags. This debut 12” delivers 6 slabs of ‘77 era punk from the bowels of New York City and London Town that is dripping with snot & bile. The vocals are like combining the snarl of Stiv Bators and the filth of GG followed up with abrasive, simplistically offensive guitar which screams a massive” fuck you” to all you guitar virtuosos. The drums are flawless and sit where you want them in all the dirt and grime: pounding and tight, keeping everything in line. Get transported back to the Soho filth of London and Alphabet City grime of NYC in the 1970s. FFO Dead Boys, The Jabbers, Stiches and The Heartbreakers. This is one not to miss...

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