Jeff Ward

Carry On Dreaming


CARRY ON DREAMING is the sequel to Ward’s earlier novel, PARASITE…joyous flashbacks amidst a crystal meth nightmare. Both books are in the Beat writer tradition; memoirs of the unknown, portraits of the artist, stories of commonplace melodrama, combined with a spiritual quest for life’s meaning, or meaninglessness. All of which he has threaded together into an epic immigrant’s tale.  

I know Jeff Ward as a writer and a musician, and on both counts I expect the unexpected… Carry On Dreaming is almost as fast-paced as a shot of speed. He not only surprises you, he tricks you, turning dire situations into near comedy, and vice versa. Even with the laughs, there is no glorification. He’s walked the trail that leads to the graveyard or prison bars, and has dedicated his work to his friends who never made it out. Fortunately, he’s lived to tell, and pulls words out of hats like rabbits. Surprise, surprise. —Puma Perl, Retrograde, Knuckle Tattoos 

With Parasite, Jeff Ward joined the ranks of Bukowski, Lydia Lunch, Dan Fante, Hunter Thompson, William Burroughs, Jerry Stahl, and Hubert Selby Jr. If you wanna see how it’s done, read this book! It’s that good … Anyone interested in modern “Outlaw” underground literature at its best should have this one in their collection. —Jonathan Shaw, Narcisa…Our Lady Of Ashes

“Here comes Jeff Ward’s new book. Engrossing and entertaining. A destructive and creative lust-for-life ... I did not want the trip, nor the book, to end.” —Ingrid Rudefors, Meanwhile On A Roof In Chinatown

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